Abylay Ospan - April 30, 2020

Unified Food Fights Sleep Deprivation Which Can Lead To Overeating And Weight Gain

Sleep is an important indicator of well-being and overall health. We spend one third of our lives sleeping. But when we don’t get enough sleep, our body doesn’t perform the way it should. According to a research conducted by a veritable source, sleep deprivation can also lead to overeating and weight gain.

Vitamin D

A recent research shows that Vitamin D deficiency can affect both sleep quantity and sleep quality. So consuming less vitamin D can cause a number of sleep issues, including insomnia and sleep disruption.

Vitamin C

Several studies have shown that being deficient in Vitamin C can influence our sleep pattern. It also goes a long way toward reducing cortisol levels (a stress hormone), and improving stress tolerance.

Vitamin B12

Several studies indicate that Vitamin B12 deficiency can also lead to sleepless nights. It keeps circadian rhythms in sync, which helps regulate sleep-wake cycles.

Wondering What Food Can Meet All Your Nutritional Needs?

Unified Food is a nutritionally complete plant based food that you can easily incorporate into your diet plan. It’s rich in Vitamin B12, Vitamin C and Vitamin D – the essential vitamins our body needs to fight a number of health conditions. It’s a low glycemic index food made of all-natural, Non-GMO and gluten free ingredients. It’s 100% safe and healthy, meaning you can give it a shot without any doubt.

This is not a diet -> You can eat any dishes from U-Food without adding extra calories to your body ->  You will lose weight delicious and healthy!

What is it made of?

Only natural, gluten free and Non-GMO ingredients. Mixed & Packed in Miami, Florida.

  • Oat Flour. Montana Grown & Milled.
  • Flaxseed from Oregon.
  • Pea & Brown Rice Protein from California.
  • Organic Coconut Flour from California.
  • Sunflower Seeds from Rhode Island.
  • Vitamins & Minerals Base Powder from "Metabolic Maintenance", Oregon.

How to cook U-Food dishes?

You can use U-Food for everyday cooking of your favorite dishes.  Just replace the harmful ingredients with a healthy U-Food and that's it.

To cook something from U-Food is very simple. Here is an example of the menu for the day:

1. Breakfast
Take 1 serving of U-Food and add hot water, that's all the magic. Morning instant porridge is ready.

2. Snack
Try a bag of chips from U-Food.
3. Lunch
Add U-Food to smoothie and you have a nutritious and wholesome lunch. 
4. Snack
Try our chocolate bars. Wow, you can't resist.
5. Dinner
Add hot water and toppings and a healthy cream soup is ready.
6. Dessert
It is possible without harm for a figure to eat U-Food ice cream. 
7. Late dinner

Make U-Food sauce and season them with vegetable salad. 
8. Drink
Make yourself an evening U-Food cocktail in a shaker.

See how easy and versatile, you can eat U-Food the whole day. And your body will get the daily volume of all the necessary micro and macro elements. It is very natural and very tasty.

Each dish contains 1 serving of U-Food for 250 calories



Unified Food (u-food), Pack 8 pouches (1 day course, 2000 Calories)
Unified Food (u-food), Pack 8 pouches (1 day course, 2000 Calories)
u-food nutrition label

Unified Food, Pack 8 pouches (2000 Calories)

Unified Food (u-food), Big Pack 3.17 lb (3 day course, 6000 Calories)
Unified Food (u-food), Big Pack 3.17 lb (3 day course, 6000 Calories)
u-food nutrition label
Unified Food (u-food), eco pack
Unified Food, Big Pack 3.17 lb (6000 Calories)

Unified Food, Big Pack 3.17 lb (6000 Calories)

Unified Food (u-food), 1 pouch (60 grams, 250 Calories)
Unified Food (u-food), 1 pouch (60 grams, 250 Calories)
u-food nutrition label

Unified Food, 1 pouch (60 grams, 250 Calories)

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