Start to lose weight forever! U-food makes it a reality!

According to WHO, in the world for 2016, there were 1.9 billion people suffering from an overweight condition.


What are the reasons for this? According to WHO, the main reason  is the energy imbalance, in which the calorie intake of food exceeds the energy needs of the body.

What is the main conclusion we can draw from this? - You need to eat right! But  how? Let's figure it out.

What should be the right food?

1. Calorie-sufficient

As mentioned above, it is the imbalance of calories that is the main cause of weight gain. Ufood is the perfect tool to control your calorie intake. To calculate them, you need to perform only one arithmetic operation.

2. Balanced  

We analyzed tons of scientific literature to create a complete formula. Therefore, the composition of U-food is based on the latest research data. And it contains all the necessary micro and macro elements, as well as amino acids in the correct proportion.

3. Regular

This is necessary for the proper functioning of the digestive system and the  organism as a whole. With our product you can decide how many meals you will make. For our part, we recommend at least 5 per day

4. Fast to cook

Why spend a few hours a day cooking? Only one minute is enough to prepare U-food. Just imagine how much time you will have for more important things!

5. Natural and Healthy

U-food contains only natural components of plant origin, is gluten free, has a low glycemic index, and contains no GMOs.

6. Delicious

Take a look at what delicious dishes you can make from U-Food

According to our customers, on average they lost 1 kg per week. Provided that their daily diet consisted of 80%  U-food.

This weight loss rate is optimal and safe for the body. Also, at your request, we can  furnish an adviser for you, who through the chat will provide guidance on weight loss.

Try  taking a weekly course of  U-food and see for yourself!