Healthy waffle recipe

Giving up to cook waffles because they are overloaded with calories and fast carbs? 

Not anymore! Your waffles stay awesome delicious but became healthy with Unified Food (“U-Food”) waffle mix!Turn yourself and your family to a healthy path!

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How to cook Unified Food waffles


1 pouch of U-Food - 60 grams - 250 Calories. Can make 2 full size waffles!

5 oz of cold water

Baking soda (½ of tea spoon)

Sweetener of your choice (Stevia, Sucralose, etc)

Bonus hint:

for best results use no calorie chocolate dip from Walden Farms with U-Food waffles. Buy it from Amazon here 

  • But what makes Unified Food mix healthy

It’s all about the ingredients and proportions. The list of ingredients is simple. You can pronounce every ingredient, and probably most of them are familiar to you:

  • Oat flour. Montana grown & milled

  • Flaxseed from Oregon

  • Pea & brown rice protein from California

  • Organic coconut flour from California

  • Sunflower seeds from Rhode Island

  • Vitamins & minerals base powder from "metabolic maintenance", Oregon

We developed nutritionally complete mix

One pouch is exactly 250 Calories and full of all the essential nutrients our bodies need. We analyzed tons of scientific papers and dietary guidelines before we developed U-Food’s components and proportions. Here is the shortlist of nutrients U-Food provides in required amounts:

  • Carbohydrates

  • Proteins

  • Fat

  • Essential amino acids

  • Fiber

  • Omega-3 and Omega-6

  • Vitamins and minerals

Here’s our nutrition facts label we proud of:

"U-Food is low glycemic index food, with a score of under 55. Foods with lower GI scores are ideal for helping to keep blood sugar stable. These foods will typically not raise blood glucose as far or as fast as high-GI foods."

"We use only natural, gluten-free and Non-GMO ingredients.We are fully plant-based and vegan!"

  • Real Reviews from Real People

“U-Food waffles is the most desired treat for my daughters and I can serve it without any doubt! Kids body and brain need all those nutrients to thrive. Highly recommend!”

Vera Ospan 

Newborn Photographer from Miami Beach, FL and mom of 3 girls

“What matters to me: No food additives! It is completely organic: oats, flax, coconut, sunflower, rice and pea protein, vitamins, and the major minerals!”

Oxana Rumyantseva

European champion of Fitness and mom of 4 beautiful girls 

U-Chips (pack of 6)

Miami Beach, Florida, United States