About us

Our company was established by Abylay Ospan in 2019 on Miami Beach, Florida, USA. As many people in today’s world, Abylay lives an active life and works on a lot of projects. One day he felt a critical need for fast and nutritious food, which would not take a lot of time to cook but would be tasty, natural and would supply body with all micronutrients and vitamins it needs.

So Abylay tried different kinds of so-called «smart food» and found out that these products contained a lot of unhealthy stuff and were often not tasty. So he decided to create for himself a product that would match the following criteria:
1. Easy to cook and to have
2. Natural, contains only healthy vegan ingredients
3. Nutrient rich, eliminates hunger fast and for a long period of time and at the same time contains minimum amount of calories
4. Supplies body with all healthy nutrients and vitamins it needs
5. All-sufficient, can replace all food, one can eat only this product if desired
6. Tasty, when one cooks regular dishes with the use of this product he/she would not notice a switch from unhealthy food replacements to a healthy and tasty product of new generation.

Abylay is a scientist, inventor and has a degree in chemistry, it did not take him long to find likeminded people, who were specialists in different areas and were ready to help to execute such an ambitious project. New team was developing new product for many months, a lot of researches and tests were done. They learned and analysed all contemporary scientific data and scientific articles about dietology and nutritiology and made a lot of discoveries and interesting conclusions in these areas of science.

The team was surprised why in the today’s world where everything is studied in detail, each product is proved for risk and benefit, and all food combinations are investigated in terms of how well they match with each other, people still continue to have so much unhealthy and harmful food. During investigations it became clear that apart from the tasks set above, the new product is going to solve a lot of important questions for the humankind.

1. Provide preventive care and treatment of the most diseases caused by unhealthy diet
2. Improve people’s quality of life as well as to increase life expectancy
3. Solve the problem of overweight while leading the body to the ideal shape
4. Environment and ecology care, animal abuse prevention
5. Solve the problem of starvation in the third world countries as well as affordable healthy food for low-income people
6. As well as the key to solve many other relevant problems of contemporary world.

So in 2019 the team created perfect formula with ideal contents and characteristics as well as nutrition system based on it, which is to become the unique revolutionary solution on the food market. The product was named Unified Food, U-Food for short. This comprehensive name reflects the meaning of the project - having food which has everything necessary for a human body.

Our mission is to reveal for each and everyone such a unique product as U-Food so that the humankind and each individual can get rid of many problems, solve many questions of our modern dynamic world and correct mistakes that were caused by rapid rate of technological progress, to make U-Food replace the most of unhealthy food and to give healthiness and long life to people. That is why we create recipes based on U-food and provide the consumers of our product with a lot of information gained during our investigations and tests that we performed while creating and having U-Food. We help to create a personalized nutrition system and to switch from unhealthy food to healthy and natural U-Food.

We are planning to arrange a lot of events, retreats and open U-Food centres all over the world for a fast and quality U-Food based nutrition system implementation.
We wish to see as many people as possible who are willing to join U-Food universe and change themselves and out planet for the better!

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