Basic principles of nutrition after bariatric surgery and U-Food

Bariatric surgery is just the first step towards achieving the goal, and nutrition after surgery is as important an element of success as the procedure itself.

Usually, after a bariatric surgery, the diet begins with drinks - water, juices, yogurt. After that, they switch to puree and soft dishes, eat more foods rich in proteins, as well as vegetables and fruits.

The basic principles that you should follow in nutrition
• Eat protein-rich foods

Protein helps create a feeling of fullness and prevents a sharp rise in blood sugar. Thus, you will not eat less and be saturated with a small amount of food. A sharp increase in sugar level, in turn, can lead to the development of diabetes. You should eliminate this by eating more balanced.

• Keep your blood sugar stable.

Sudden surges in blood sugar first give us a surge of energy, and then quickly lead to hunger. Avoid such leaps and bring your diet to foods that will promote the gradual absorption of sugars. This is not so difficult, on many products you can find the low glycimic index icon. For example, Unified Food products exclude sudden surges in sugar and at the same time, provide all the necessary trace elements and vitamins.

• Drink enough water

Due to the fact that we drink correctly, all metabolic processes, including fat burning, are accelerated. An adult, for the correct metabolism in the body, needs to drink 2-3 liters of water daily. This is quite a large amount. And often, most people don’t drink that much. This can cause dehydration and other serious health problems. Therefore, we recommend drinking enough water every day.

• Stop snacks

Most snacks contain an excess of fat and calories and very few nutrients that are really good for the body. Frequent use of snacks leads to the fact that a lot of garbage appears in the body. Since in the snacks there is not enough of the main nutrient components. It would seem that you eat a lot, but at the same time, your body does not receive enough nutrients that are necessary for your cells.
  We recommend eating natural, healthy snacks based on Unified Food. So you get a feeling of satiety and get enough nutrients.

• As much as possible reduce your intake of sweets

Sweet is an excess of fast carbohydrates and leads to spikes in blood sugar. We advise you to completely exclude refined sugar products from the diet. Refined sugar interferes with the normal metabolism in the body. Frequent and excessive consumption of sugar leads to various diseases and minimizes the positive result of recovery after bariatric surgery.
On the shelves there are a lot of products with sugar substitutes. Choose those products where natural ingredients act as a sweetener.

After the operation, track the recommended diet, the purpose of which is to provide you with a balanced menu in a situation where the volume of food has decreased significantly. Thus, nutritional deficiencies are prevented and muscle loss is avoided. So you will be more likely to achieve weight loss and avoid further weight gain. Changing your diet may be difficult at the beginning, but you will get used to it over time. Appetite for junk food may disappear, but not always. If you give slack, then the ability to achieve the desired weight will decrease and the risk of complications will increase.

Within 1-2 years after the operation, during the period of weight loss, you consume less calories with food than you consume, and the body uses its own reserves, fat and muscle tissue, to cover the shortage of certain nutrients. Protein intake is very important during this period to prevent a decrease in muscle mass. 

Unified food contains all the elements necessary micro and macro components in the correct proportion to each other for the body after bariatric surgery. Therefore, we proudly claim that we were able to create a fully-balanced meal. It contains only natural ingredients that do not contain gluten or GMOs.

The composition includes six components: oats, protein of brown rice, protein of peas, flax and sunflower seeds, and coconut flakes. Yes, we were not mistaken, practically everything we need for our  bodies, can be taken from these six ingredients. Separately, we added vitamin B12, because in principle, it is not found in plant foods. Let's look at them in detail.